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  • Ewan Miles

Memorable Easter Stargazing Event!!

We had a truly wonderful 'Easter Stargazing Event' at Duart Castle last night which was attended by over 30 guests...

After an introduction to the night sky we did some children’s activities and then watched the ISS pass over just before 9pm! As dusk turned to darkness we admired Jupiter and the 'Galilean moons' along with some of the spring constellations showing at this time of the year.

To top the night off we were treated to a memorable aurora borealis display of intense movements, with columns reaching up to around 70 degrees high!!

Along with the northern lights we watched another ISS pass at 10:30pm and a stunning fireball (pictured) burning for a few seconds in the night sky!

Throughout the evening guests enjoyed tea/coffee/cake and soup at the newly refurbished Duart Castle tearoom.

Thank you to everyone who joined us last night to share some fantastic dark sky spectacles!

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