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  • Ewan Miles


Common Dolphin breaching in front of Ben More, Mull.

Magical Marine Moments!

On Monday I crewed for Sea Life Surveys on a seven hour Whalewatch Explorer and we were treated to some outstanding wildlife sightings out in Hebridean waters!

Along with 4-5 Minke Whales and 50 Common Dolphins we saw something that we have been talking about all week...

We saw a hurry of birds building to the south of us and Andy shouted "Look at the size of that blow!" We all looked over and saw a number of enormous, powerful spouts of water climbing to around 4 metres high with the vapour staying visible for a few seconds afterwards! We saw the animals surface amongst the feeding but we were too distant to get any features or record photos.

By the time we got closer to the hurry the birds had settled down and these huge animals must have consumed the food source and dispersed quickly. After many discussions we have put it down as 2 or 3 possible Sei or Fin Whales.

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