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  • Ewan Miles

Make the Adder Count!

A successful first reptile survey of 2018!

Two male Adders newly emerged from their hibernaculum to take advantage of the sunshine on #Mull today! It was wonderful to see these stunning reptiles again and we are very pleased to see activity at this traditional early season site. We counted a total of three Adders today and look forward to monitoring this site a number of times throughout the Spring to help with this important national survey.

'Make the Adder Count' encourages experienced observers to gather data in a standardised way (by making at least three and, ideally, five or six, counts of snakes) so that information may be pooled to build a picture of trends in adder populations nationally. This survey aims to encourage springtime counts of adders, with the objectives of informing local conservation projects and gathering a long-term surveillance dataset (recording started in 2005).

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